Once upon a time, there was an artist named Lauralien (Laura + Alien). She has been drawing her whole life, and she spent two years in college studying fine art, but didn't really know what kind of career she wanted. Everyone else knew: She should make art for video games, but once she learned the definition of the term "crunch", she decided that she was fine with just playing video games instead of making them.
So she collects a humble salary for her mediocre Web Design + Development skills. In her spare time, she does worldbuilding: Inventing fictional lands, species, and cultures, and illustrating the results of that process.
Her ideal version of herself would find a way to turn her worldbuilding endeavors into a livable income. In a more realistic scenario, she would enjoy spending no more than 40 fairly-compensated hours a week as a Fantasy Concept Artist.
While the process of molding teeny tiny pixels into colorful depictions of alien landscapes, imaginary creatures, and other strange things brings her peace, she nonetheless wanted more. As a result, she made the mistake of buying a 3D printer, and now she can't stop printing things. She made herself a rule: If she wanted to 3D print something, she would have to design it herself from scratch.
She sells her prints online, in an effort to avoid filling up her house with all the things.
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